3 Key Reasons We Recommend Laser Canker Sore Treatment

If you have ever experienced a canker sore, you’ve had to deal with the pain and discomfort firsthand. It’s awful. Each sore lasts an average of two weeks–and is likely to come back. Sadly, there used to be little you could do about these painful mouth ulcers. You’d simply have to wait it out or maybe occasionally numb the wound with some messy and limited OTC creams. With saltwater washes and care, you may have even been able to keep the canker sore from coming back in the same spot, but more often than not, it returned weeks or months later.

That’s all changed. Now there are dental lasers which can heal the sore with a single, painless visit to your dentist. After a brief feeling of warmth, the canker sore will no longer feel tender, and you can leave our office knowing that your mouth will be cleared up in just a day or two.

  1. It’s the only method proven to actually heal a canker sore, while simultaneously removing the pain. Many canker sores are caused by viruses. The biostimulation of the laser helps to kill the virus and cauterizes the open wound so that no new infection takes over. Cauterization using a laser doesn’t hurt like other treatments, such as freezing, but it does effectively remove the pain immediately. You can leave the dentist not just relieved, but actually well on your way to being all better.
  2. Your canker sore will heal in just 2 days rather than 2 weeks. A canker sore lasts an average of two weeks. This drops down to just two days when you seal off the sore and promote healing using a dental laser.
  3. You’ll be less likely to get canker sores in the future. Many people repeatedly get canker sores in the same place, especially in places where there is a persistent irritant, such as braces or dentures rubbing. This almost always means that a virus is active at a specified nerve ending or a stressor is located in that area of your mouth. The dental laser helps permanently reverse canker sore formation by “burning out” the virus from the nerve ending, eliminating repeat sore formation. Even canker sores caused not by a virus, but rather by rubbing can be eliminated in the same way. The laser seals off the nerve ending, which means that your brain no longer registers the irritant. The trigger goes unnoticed, which means that the ulcers don’t form.

If you’re suffering through a painful canker sore, you don’t have to any longer. Call our offices today to find out if we may be able to help heal your mouth more permanently.

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