Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Wondering if you should invest in professional teeth whitening treatment from Kantor Dental Group? Not sure if it’s worth it, or if it’s right for you? Below, we’ll discuss the top 4 signs that professional teeth whitening may be right for you. Let’s get started.


  1. You’re Self-Conscious About Your Smile Due To Stains & Yellowing
    Our teeth can become stained and yellowed for a lot of reasons. Drinking beverages like coffee, tea, and wine can stain our teeth, and some foods like tomatoes also can stain the teeth. Tobacco use is also a common culprit.

    No matter the reason, stains, and yellowing can make you feel self-conscious about how you look when you eat, speak, smile or laugh among others. If you’re embarrassed about your smile due to stains, professional teeth whitening is definitely right for you.


  1. You Want To Look Younger
    Premature teeth stains can make you look older than you really are. If you’re interested in rejuvenating your appearance and looking younger, teeth whitening is a great option to make you feel better about how you look.


  1. You’ve Tried DIY Whitening Kits With Poor Results
    DIY whitening kits like Crest Whitestrips are usually quite weak compared to professional whitening, requiring weeks or months of treatment to whiten your teeth.

    If you’ve tried at-home whitening kits and you weren’t thrilled with the results, this is a sign that professional whitening may be right for you. Professional whitening uses high-quality products and is customized for your particular needs. You’ll get a brighter smile if you work with a dentist – guaranteed.


  1. You Need Brighter Teeth Fast For A Special Occasion
    Want to whiten your teeth before a wedding, a photoshoot, a major business meeting or for any other special occasion? In-office teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist is your best option. Depending on your needs, it’s usually possible to whiten your teeth up to 5-8 shades in a single appointment, so you can get results quickly – in time for your special occasion.


Get Better Results With Professional Teeth Whitening!

If you need whiter teeth fast, the best way to get results is to work with a qualified cosmetic dental office, like Kantor Dental Group. Interested in getting started? Contact us now to schedule a cosmetic consultation, and begin your journey to a whiter smile.


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