Dental Insurance Plans For Individuals: Are They Worth It?

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group, Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology.

Today, I want to talk about dental insurance plans, specifically private dental insurance plans. So, there’s two types of insurance plans you get. You get one through your employer, which your employer pays for and buys as a group for all the employees. And then there’s singular individual plans that you can buy directly from a dental insurance company. And they will offer that to you, usually at an increased price.

The reason why is it’s much cheaper for them to do group plan because some of those people in the group may never go get their cleanings. Some alone don’t need any dental work and maybe one or two of them need a lot of work. So, the people not using the plan are paying for the people who are using it. And that’s how group plans can be cost effective and much better. So, getting, first of all, getting your insurance from your employer is the best bet.

The individual plans I generally don’t think are good. Usually, you think about getting them when your dentist tells you have a problem. The problem is they all have waiting periods, either one or two years. So, if you have some problems, you’re not going to get those fixed because, you know, they need to be taken care of before the waiting period is over. Another problem with them is they have very low maximums. This means there’s a maximum total that that they’ll cover. And usually this maximum is a $1,000 per year, maybe $1,500 per year. That probably won’t get you too much dental work done in that year. Plus, your premium is going to be near that amount in that year. So, take a look at your premium compared to the maximum as well as what the waiting period is. Two important parts of a private dental insurance.

Our office, we offer a dental savers plan. Other offices offer this. So, these people without insurance and they offer a percentage off their treatment for a yearly fee. Our fee is $345.

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