Fear Of Dentist? We Have A Solution For You!

Hi, I’m Dr. Ezra Kantor, and this is Dr. Grey Kantor, who can’t hear a word I’m saying now because he’s utilizing our noise-canceling headphones, along with our audio-visual system which completely occupies his visual and audible senses so that he is left out of whatever we’re doing in the office. Now this as a patient is important to you because the sounds we make, which sometimes you don’t like, in fact most of the time you don’t like, are blocked out, they’re canceled, and all you can do is hear and see whatever is up on that entertainment system.

Sometimes we use this with sedation when we’re doing some particularly extensive procedures, and this adds another layer onto our ability to isolate the patient from the procedures that we’re doing, make it much more comfortable, much less stress-producing and allows people to say to me, and they have, that they would never do dentistry any other way again. In conclusion, I am Dr. Ezra Kantor and Grey! This is Dr. Grey Kantor who are showing you our noise-canceling visual and auditory system. Hi, Grey.

Hi. Well, I also heard that there’s studies that show that listening to music or watching tv actually reduces the amount of any pain or sensitivity that you feel. These things can really help in just ignoring the environment around you and even fall asleep in the chair. I’m not even joking, when patients use this, about half of our patients fall asleep in the chair. Excellent time at the dentist.

We stay awake, though. Just so you know. We can still concentrate, we’re not distracted. Thank you.

Thank you. Dr. Grey Kantor and Dr. Ezra Kantor… Dentistry for Healthy Living in San Rafael, CA.

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