Hiossen Implant Summit at the San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame, Ca

At our office we use one of the highest quality implant companies called Hiossen.  The companies goals are to make excellent implants with a low failure rate while keeping their doctors educated using implant coursework through AIC.  This was their Summit meeting, giving their constituent doctors expanded learning opportunities including reinforcement and innovations.  The material covered everything from options when a screw loosens to new techniques in completely guided surgery.

At our office we love to do guided surgery because it allows us to place the implant perfectly.  My father and I have good hands, and as a trained engineer my 3-dimensional awareness allows for excellent freehand placement.  But it still helps to have a computer guide the implant placement.  Implants are almost a perfect tooth replacement, however, one problem with implants is that they have a propensity to become a food trap, forcing the patient to floss after every meal (our trick to make you floss more!) Guided surgery places the implant in the perfect position within the bone to reduce the risk of food impaction.