How Much Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are becoming more and more popular these days as a simple method to improve your smile. Not only can veneers improve the color of your teeth, but they can also fix problems associated with their alignment, reduce gaps, cover chips and wear, and even reshape the entire smile. Plus, porcelain looks and feels natural, allowing your smile to be better than ever before. It’s no wonder that we get questions about porcelain veneers from our patients every day.

Perhaps the biggest concern holding people back from getting veneers, however, is cost. Few dental insurance plans cover the entire cost of veneers, which means that much of the cost will be out of pocket. Exactly how much this will be depends on many factors. The following are some of the most common factors that will affect the cost of veneers:

  • Quality of material,
  • Location of veneer placement,
  • Total number of veneers,
  • Issues to be fixed by veneers,
  • Artistry and training of the ceramist and the cosmetic dentist placing veneers, and
  • Length and extent of procedure.

Veneers Are an Investment in Yourself

After all of these factors are taken into consideration, full veneers can cost several thousand dollars. For many of our patients, the confidence and enhanced looks are worth the cost. Veneers are an investment in yourself, so you need to decide if you’re worth it. Veneers can totally transform a smile, which can make you feel more confident in your career and your love life–not to mention in photos. If you feel the need to hide your teeth, veneers can quickly resolve any issues and allow you to put your best foot forward. This transformation lasts for years to come, making it a long-term change for the better.

Like any investment, you’ll need to carefully weigh the decision and learn about all your options from an experienced and trusted professional. At Kantor Dental, we are happy to offer you a preliminary consultation where you can simply ask your questions with no pressure to move forward. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want and need out of your veneers, so we encourage you to discuss all your options first and only choose porcelain veneers if they truly are right for you.

We believe that you deserve to have the smile of your dreams. Porcelain veneers may be able to help you get there. Let us help you understand how.