Is Teeth Whitening Worth the Investment?

Everyone wants whiter teeth these days. After all, a healthy, bright smile helps you look better and gain a new level of confidence. Still, with all the teeth whitening products currently available from the local drug store, many people wonder if professional teeth whitening is worth the investment. After all, I can get a whitening toothpaste for under five bucks– and tooth whitening services cost much more at the dentist.

So is teeth whitening worth the investment? Ultimately, it depends on the results you want. While most people can find whitening toothpaste everywhere, the actual results these products deliver is minimal. You can use whitening toothpaste for years without getting significant results. The same goes for whitening mouthwash or anything else that sits on your teeth for such a short time.

What about whitening strips, though? If you buy whitening strips and use them consistently, you can actually get significant results. The ingredients used for whitestrips often compare to professional treatments with one big difference: the strength. Because they need to be safe for anyone to use at home, whitening strips often take months to get the kind of results you could get in just one session of professional whitening. This is made worse when the whitening strips or trays do not perfectly fit your teeth, which can mean certain areas do not receive the level of bleaching desired. Plus, there is always a risk of overuse or enamel-damaging chemicals when it comes to whitening strips used without doctor supervision. If you will feel satisfied with milder results and have the time to wait before those results are noticeable, professional whitening may not be worth it.

Will Professional Teeth Whitening Make a Difference?

Still, you probably can’t answer the question “Is teeth whitening worth the investment?” without discovering how much of a difference professional teeth whitening can have. If you are looking to achieve dramatically white, yet natural-looking teeth, nothing delivers even close to the kinds of results you can get from teeth whitening administered by a dentist. Since a dentist can create whitening trays to perfectly fit your unique jaw structure and tooth alignment, every tooth is given the maximum dose of whitening ingredients in each procedure. You also benefit from the stronger dosage of active ingredients when supervised by a dentist. When teeth whitening is done by your dentist, you get the sparkling smile you want much faster.

In the end, thousands of people in the U.S. every year decide that professional teeth whitening is, in fact, worth the investment. While cheaper options do exist, there is no other way to get the quick, effective results that a dentist delivers. Plus, you know that your dentist is never going to give you whitening substances that damage your teeth in the long run. At Kantor Dental, we even offer whitening services at affordable prices to maximize the value of your investment. If you are considering whitening your teeth, we truly believe that it is worth investing in teeth whitening services supervised by a dentist to get the best results in the shortest time with the least risk.