Are Root Canals Painful?

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about the very common myth with root canals which is, “Root canals caused pain.”.

People have always, you hear people tell stories, “I had a root canal it was so painful!” What I think a misconception there is, is that when they say that their tooth was painful. What they’re talking about is the pain before the root canal. A tooth ache is one of the most severe pains humans can feel. It’s rated up there with breaking your femur, labor and delivery. It’s rated as a very strong pain.

So, you know that pain is a very memorable and when people talk about root canal I don’t think they specify that it was the tooth ache that was really painful. And it was the root canal that got them out of pain. The root canal is the procedure that helped them and was able to make them feel better from that severe, severe pain.

Hopefully it clears up that myth that root canals are terrible. Really a root canal is boring, right? You’re just sitting there. At our, at Kantor Dental Group we have TVs so you, you just watch Netflix or whatever up on the ceiling while we work on your teeth. And it’s really just boring, you don’t feel anything it’s totally painless. In fact, the tooth ache that you had is now gone because the numbing makes the tooth ache go away. So, all in all the root canal is the thing that gets you out of pain.

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