Straumann Implant Seminar at Brick & Bottle in Corte Madera, Ca

White implants are here! For those of you that don’t like to have metal in your mouth, Straumann Implant Company has created an all ceramic implant that is FDA certified for market.  In rare cases, metal implants can show through the gums and produce a greyish hue to the gums.  Obviously this is something esthetic dentists look to avoid.  However, current studies for ceramic implants are only 2 years in length.  For us at Kantor & Kantor, DDS we like to see longer studies to show how well these implants hold up in the long run.  For now we will keep using Titanium Alloy implants but look forward to what the future will bring.

Also at this meeting we went over different options for implant supported dentures to make the process more efficient and comfortable for the patient.  When a upper or lower denture doesn’t retain well it may be time for implants.  Implants can help retain or even support a denture allowing you to eat foods you haven’t been able to in years.  Here at Kantor & Kantor, DDS we love helping people with chewing difficulties and are sure we can find a solution to fit your needs.