Teeth Whitening Options For At Home Or In The Office

Hello. I’m Doctor Grey Kantor, here at Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. You may be wondering what these orange glasses I’m wearing are. They are so we can do an in-office whitening. That’s my subject today, talk about whitening. Whoa, I guess it got really bright in here.

Whitening is a really nice way to give you confidence and really make you feel better about your smile. I whiten my teeth once a year. With whitening, a lot of people are worried about the safety of whitening, possibility of sensitivity. Whitening is very safe. There is a transient sensitivity, meaning it goes away, but it’s really worth while to just build that confidence in your smile. Here at Kantor Dental Group we offer a free whitening for all new patients. This whitening here, Opalescence Go, allows you to wear the whitening trays whether you’re in the car, at home, anywhere you want actually.

Another option to get your teeth whitened is these syringes here, where we make custom trays and you fill the syringes up yourself every night or whenever you’d like, and you can really get a little bit faster whitening with this.

The final type of whitening is our in-office whitening and that’s what I need these glasses for. This type of whitening uses a laser and it spreads it out with this crystal head and it allows your teeth to get whiter even faster. We use a 40% solution of carbamide peroxide that allows your teeth to get super white. And we can guarantee two shades in one visit.

If you would like to get your teeth much whiter and a brighter smile, come see me, Doctor Grey Kantor at Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Thank you.

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