The truth about SPF: Common Rashes and Growths Around the Mouth

Common Rashes and Growths Around the Mouth at McInnis Park Club Restaurant, San Rafael on 5/18/16

Has anyone ever told you that any sunscreen above 30 SPF is useless and offers hardly any more protection?  Well, this statement is only partially true. While it is true that there is a minimal increase in sun protection above 30 SPF, the SPF rating itself is misleading.  It turns out SPF rating is determined by a 2mm thick layer of sunscreen!  Do you apply a 2mm thick layer? I think not.  By rubbing your sunscreen in, you reduce the SPF by about 1/4.  40 SPF after rubbing it in is now 10 SPF.  Not to worry 10 SPF is giving you significant sun protection; however if you would like to reach peak sun protection, try using 50+ SPF.  Another option is applying one layer of sunscreen, letting it dry, and then apply another layer.  So which sunscreens should you buy? The two dermatologists at this lecture liked mineral sunscreens with zinc, some of the brands suggested can be seen below.  After doing my own research, I have decided to carry the EltaMD UV Lip Balm to help my patients protect their lips with a safe, broad-spectrum lip protectant.

This course was for our monthly Marin County Dental Society Meeting where all the Marin dentists get together to mingle and learn current topics. Today’s topic was on orofacial dermatology by two local dermatologists Drs. Renee Howard and Haydee Knott who talked about common diseases that both dermatologists and dentists see and how we can work together.  They updated us on the presentation of the new Coxsackie Virus (Hand foot and mouth disease) which is currently going around our community and how to treat it.

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