What To Do If A Permanent Tooth Falls Out?

Hi, I’m Dr. Ezra Kantor and this is Dr. Grey Kantor of Kantor Dental Group. And tonight we want to talk to you about the loss of a permanent tooth by a child in an accident and what to do.

Essentially, time is of the essence. The tooth must be returned to the mouth within a half an hour. What do you do as a parent? Well, you can return the tooth to the child’s mouth, having the tooth kept there until you get to the dentist or you can put it in some milk. But even doing so, time must be saved, and you must get to the dentist within preferably less than a half hour.

Fast as you can. Yeah, fast as you can. So we can reposition that tooth in the socket, either bond it into place or wire it into place, fix it in some way. Even an insufficiently formed tooth can continue to grow properly if we get it replaced within a timely fashion.

Another important thing to note is you might think, “Well, I’ll just put it back in myself.” The reason not to do that, ’cause if it’s a baby tooth and you try and push it back in yourself and push it maybe too hard, you can damage the tooth underneath, the adult tooth underneath, making them having a deformed tooth as it comes out, mostly likely a front tooth if this is a traumatic sports accident or something of that nature. Time is the biggest thing in this case, so I agree with my father, Dr. Kantor, is just get here. We’ll assess whether it’s an adult tooth, a child’s tooth, and we’ll decide how to put it in and what to do from there. But just get to the nearest dentist. You can even… If there’s a dental office across the street from a school or your dentist is close enough, get there as fast as possible.

Despite the fact that Dr. Grey has no choice but to agree with me, you really should get the child to us as soon as possible so we can replace the tooth.

And if you have any questions about that or would like to become a patient here, we’re Kantor Dental Group, located in San Rafael, California. Thanks for watching and please subscribe (on YouTube).

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