Why We Use 3D X-Rays When Working With Dental Implants

Today, I want to talk about 3D X-rays, otherwise known as a CAT scan, and how they are important when working with implants. When working with implants, there are some anatomical structures that can be dangerous to come across when you’re screwing in the implant. So an important thing is to watch out for these anatomical structures. One of which, here you see this red line, red dot here in this view, red line in this view. That is your nerve that you do not want to run into with the implant. Hitting that nerve can cause paresthesia, which will make it so you could be tingly or numb in that area. We definitely don’t want to get near that.

Having a three-dimensional X-ray allows us, not only be very careful about that nerve, but also plan for the placement of the implant, the implant is in yellow here, plan for the placement of the implant to be in the perfect position. That way we’re watching out for any anatomical structures; on bottom it’s usually your nerve, but on top you have a sinus that we have to worry about.

If you want your implants to be placed perfectly and not have to worry about any of those anatomical structures, come here to Kantor Dental Group, we’ll work with you at placing your implant in the perfect position. Again, we are Kantor Dental Group, Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. Thanks for listening, and please subscribe.

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