Acid Attacks Your Teeth When Eating Sugary Foods

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor with Kantor Dental Group here in San Rafael, California. Today, I want to talk about acid attack on your teeth. For example, when do your teeth get attacked to where they could get a cavity? Let’s just look it up on the internet, shall we? Acid attack on teeth. Acid attacks your teeth whenever you have acid, but really it actually attacks your teeth whenever you have sugar as well. Here’s an example here. You have your tooth, nice and shiny, but then when you have the bacteria on the teeth, they eat the sugar in the food. That creates acid and along with time will create tooth decay. So it’s really the acid that’s killing your teeth, not the bacteria. Bacteria plus sugar equals more acid. So, the more acid, the worse it is for your teeth.

We can also see this in graph form. So, here is a graph of your day. You have your breakfast. Boom! The acid drops. That’s this dip right here in the graph. And then you have a little coffee, a little dip. Coffee’s not so bad. Oh, there’s your lunch. Boom! It drops. A little tea maybe, for tea time. And then dinner. Boom! Acid drops again. So you see, there’s three main meals a day where your teeth go to a low enough PH to where there’s an attack on your teeth causing decay.

How do we stop that? Well, for one, we only have three meals a day. If you don’t have three meals a day, say you have multiple days a day, breakfast, sweet, coffee, sweet, lunch, sweet, tea, biscuit, dinner, coffee, sweet, coffee, you get all of these attacks on your teeth keeping you below that critical PH, below that level of health, to where you’re constantly caught having an attack on your teeth.

That’s where the time comes in. The amount of time you spend eating is going to have more attacks on your teeth from bacteria and the acid they produce. So the way to avoid this is to just have your three meals a day, three squares. And then try to just drink water and not have any sugary beverages or anything like that the rest of the day.

Again, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here at Kantor Dental Group, Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. Thank you very much. And please subscribe.

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