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Questions To Consider When Considering Home Orthodontics

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group, aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Today I want to talk about dentist guided orthodontics versus orthodontics that’s not guided by a dentist. I am in favor of orthodontics being guided by a dentist due to the fact that I am a dentist. But I think it’s […]

Dental Erosion and Severe Tooth Decay Related To Sugary Drinks

Today I want to talk about a very important topic to me and that is drinks! And how drinks, sugary drinks can affect your teeth. Hello there. I’m Dr. Grey Kantor from Kantor Dental Group aesthetic dentistry and implantology. We are located in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about a very important […]

The Pros and Cons of Oral Sedation

An estimated 30 to 40 million people suffer from some form of dental phobia or anxiety, causing anxiety about routine visits and procedures, or even avoiding the dentist altogether. We know that dental surgeries can seem scary all on their own, without throwing worry over pain management into the mix.   Due to the non-invasive […]

How To Protect Teeth From Acid Reflux

Hello, Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about acid reflux and how to deal with that with your teeth… your teeth. Say you get something like a sour burp or perhaps you have E.D. or maybe you just notice the sour taste in your […]

Why Smoking Is Bad For Your Teeth

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about smoking and your teeth. What’s going on there? Because most people think of smoking affecting your lungs, cancer, emphysema. These are things that come to mind for most of us when we think about smoking. […]

Are Activated Charcoal Products Good for Your Teeth?

Activated charcoal seems to be the latest health fad and has been touted as taking care of many health concerns. From clearing up your skin to make your hair softer, people are starting to think that activated charcoal can do just about anything. One of the biggest trends is using activated charcoal to clean your […]

8 Tips For Good Dental Health For The Whole Family

Want to make sure your family keeps their teeth in tip-top shape? Here are some of our top tips. Lead By Example Make sure you’re setting a good example by brushing and flossing regularly. Make brushing a family activity, where everyone can participate, and your kids are sure to follow your lead. Visit The Dentist […]

7 Interesting Oral Hygiene Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Taking care of your mouth is incredibly important, and proper oral hygiene is absolutely essential for a healthy mouth. To help educate you about the importance of oral hygiene, we’ve put together a list of 7 interesting and surprising oral hygiene facts! Tooth Enamel Is Incredibly Tough (But Can’t Regenerate) Tooth enamel is the hardest […]

Does A Root Canal Hurt? Learn What To Expect From This Procedure!

There is quite a bit of misinformation out there about root canals. They have a bad reputation, partly due to popular culture depiction the procedure as lengthy, painful, and scary. The reason for this misconception is a tooth ache hurts, which is what we hear from other people, but the root canal gets you out […]

What Are Milk Teeth and How Do You Care for Them?

Now that your little one already has a few pearly whites, it’s time to start an oral hygiene routine. Let’s go through a basic guide of caring for your baby’s milk teeth and see what you need to do to keep them healthy. Everything You Need to Know about Milk Teeth Babies are born with […]