Four Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

Hello. Hi, I’m Doctor Grey Kantor. Together I work here with my father at Kantor & Kantor DDS, Dentistry for Healthy Living.

I wanted to talk today about options for replacing a missing tooth.

Say you lost your tooth due to cavities, gum disease, or you just got hit in the face with a ski. Any of these things will make you lose a tooth. And there’s about three, maybe four options to replace it.

The first option is my favorite, which is dental implants. Dental implants replace the tooth almost perfectly to what was previously there. It flosses normally, it can be the same color and match the same color as your other teeth, and it’s a really nice replacement. You can also see our video on dental implants.

The other way to replace a missing tooth is, a bridge. A bridge has two teeth on either side. The only thing I don’t like about bridges is that you do have to damage the neighboring teeth in order to prepare them to put the bridge on top of it. Another thing I don’t like about bridges is the fact that when you floss, you can’t just pull the floss through, right? ‘Cause it’s now connected to it’s neighbor teeth. So you have to actually use a floss threader to get through.

Another way to replace a missing tooth is a removable appliance. So this is a prosthetic that comes in and out, you take it in and out at night. It really needs to be cleaned separately and you can chew on it, but it’s not quite as good as the other two aforementioned, mainly because you have to take it in and out.

The sort of fourth option I mentioned earlier to replace a missing tooth is called a cantilever. It’s similar to a bridge, this can only be used in very specific cases. The nice part about it is, it’s easier to floss. We only have to prepare one neighboring tooth, and it’s named after us, Kantor. So, that’s always a plus. These are the four options, so let’s go over them again. There’s a bridge or a cantilever, a implant or something removable that you take in and out at night.

These are the four options to replace a missing tooth. Once again, I’m Doctor Grey Kantor. We’re here in San Rafael, California. Kantor & Kantor DDS, Dentistry for Healthy Living.

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