How To Brush A Toddler’s Teeth?


I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group and my son Isaac. And we’re going to talk to you today about flossing. Well, brushing toddler’s teeth. Right now, he’s flossing, so this is good. It’s good just to let him play with the floss. See, we’re using Cocofloss, which is really good floss. Oh, what’s that? That was good flossing. Are you ready to brush? Oh, see he’s not ready to brush. This is perfect video when they don’t want a brush.

OK, let’s brush your teeth then, ok? We’re done, take this out. Take this out. OH, oh my gosh! Oh, he’s a tiger! Ok, good job. Ok, brush your teeth. Open, say ‘Ah’. Want to…what do you want to sing? ABC’s? A B C D E F G. So you go around from tooth to tooth. H I J K L M M O P. When you do the back of the front you turn it down like this. And when you do the back to the bottom do you turn it up like this. Now the hard part is always getting them the teeth because they tighten their lips. There we go. You got to get the front of the teeth, all the way down to the gums. Up at the top. Oh, good job. Okay, spit. Big spit!

A B C D… the SoniCare toothbrushes really good for the kids. That way they can kind of move their head around and can they do it themselves. A B C D E F G H I J K L M O P. Okay, let’s go spit! Good job. All right.

And then, you get the very back of the back teeth. Don’t go too far back because kids have a strong gag reflex. And the strong gag reflex, uh, they will actually throw up. I’ve done before, so you don’t, you want to make sure you just getting to the back of the last tooth. And then you say, “All done!” Are you all done? Ok, one last spit. And then you say thank you. Please subscribe. Okay bye-bye.

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