How to Prevent Acid Erosion On Your Teeth

Everyone knows that what you eat and drink has a large bearing on the overall health of your teeth, and this is largely due to acid. Acid erosion is one possible byproduct of consuming certain foods like oranges and sour gummies; it results in a number of unsavory side effects, but there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent acid erosion.


Avoid acidic snacks

Rather than reaching for an acidic food to tide you over between meals, try to save those items for meal times. This is a good habit to take on because the less acidic foods in your meals are more likely to neutralize the effects of acid on your teeth without requiring special care from you.

Though conventional wisdom dictates that fruit is a healthy snack option, try to avoid particularly acidic ones.


Try to drink water

This is a fairly obvious tip echoed by health professionals in every field, but it’s an especially good habit if you’re concerned about acid erosion on your teeth.

Drinking water alongside acidic foods will help wash away some of that acid before it has a chance to wreak any havoc on your teeth. Choosing water over more sugary drinks will further protect your teeth from acid erosion.


Don’t get too eager when brushing

Though you can rinse your mouth with water directly after consuming something acidic, wait at least half an hour before brushing.

Brushing immediately after eating acidic foods can actually cause more damage due to the fact that acid weakens enamel, meaning it’s easier to cause damage through brushing right after eating something acidic.

Some other simple habits to adopt to avoid acid erosion are drinking wine through a straw so it doesn’t come into much contact with teeth, and trying to avoid sugar as it encourages the growth of bacteria that create acid. Try to swish some tap water after consuming acid, and before brushing.

The early signs of acid erosion are discoloration and sensitivity, while cracks and cupping indicate a more advanced state of acid erosion.

If you’ve noticed that your teeth have been feeling extra sensitive or looking yellower, reach out and take action to prevent further erosion before you begin experiencing more serious pain or aesthetic issues.

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