How to Prevent Acid Erosion On Your Teeth


Today I want to talk about acid attack levels on your teeth.

Hello, I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about acid attack levels on your teeth. This is probably one of the most important topics that can help you from not getting cavities anymore.

Basically, the idea is, if you don’t have an acid attack on your teeth, you’re not going to get cavities. So, if you think about it in your brain. If you’re thinking about, “when am I getting acid on my teeth?” “When am I, when are my teeth healthy?” Then you will be able to prevent cavities just by thinking about it day to day.

Basically, what are our graph should look like here, is this, very simple right? We eat breakfast, we eat lunch, we eat dinner, right? And those are the three acid attacks that we have in the day. And that’s when, for when we eat dinner and 15 minutes afterward we will have an acid attack on our teeth.

You want to be without an acid attack as long as possible throughout the day. So, if we’re going to go as long as possible, the best way to eat would be three meals a day. Now, that’s not always the case, right? Because we like to snack. If there’s, if you snack during the daytime, you’ll have maybe a small little snacking times. But these flat lines are what you want to reach right. This is this is good, right? This area here is good. All right. These flatlines, we want more flatlines where there’s no food in our mouths and there’s no acid attack.

The less time that you spend with food, the better it is for your teeth. So, for your kids, if you’re thinking about your kids, you’ll want it, if they have sugar or even just a snack. Just make them eat it and be done with it. Don’t let them have food in their mouth at all times. Kids, a lot of kids just like to have food and walk around with food and continue to chew it. And that’s really bad for the teeth and they’re definitely going to get cavities they always have food in their mouth.

So, the goal here is to have the shortest amount, amount of time with food. So that we can have a basic or alkaline levels in our mouth as often as possible.

Hopefully this helps. I think it’s really helpful in understanding how cavities occur in your mouth and go ahead and go prevent cavities. I’m Dr. Grey Kantor in San Rafael, California. Please subscribe.


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