How To Protect Teeth From Acid Reflux

Hello, Dr. Grey Kantor here with Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today I want to talk about acid reflux and how to deal with that with your teeth… your teeth.

Say you get something like a sour burp or perhaps you have E.D. or maybe you just notice the sour taste in your mouth quite often. What this is likely to do to is acid reflux or regurgitation. Any acid attack on your teeth of that magnitude, and that is an extreme acid attack on your teeth, you do not want to rush right away. You’re an enamel has softened. Putting an abrasive toothpaste on your teeth at that time, when you have soft enamel, can be very damaging to your teeth. Especially you’re doing it multiple times as in someone with acid reflux.

You have the acid on your teeth, softening the enamel, the abrasive toothpaste that is abrasive – that is normally not going to damage your teeth. But with soft enamel you create this wear pattern which will slowly wear away your teeth. Wear away the enamel on your teeth over time causing possible need for a lot restorations.

So, the safe thing to do. If you have an acid attack on your teeth, an extreme one, such as such as even oranges, but especially any sort of stomach acid. The safe thing to do is to rinse out with water afterwards. Wait 15 minutes. And that’s going to allow the pH in your mouth to balance and allow the enamel to harden. And then brush your teeth. Don’t do it right away because that’s again very damaging to your teeth. This is included with oranges, because oranges are pretty extreme acid.

Again, wait 15, rinse out with water, wait 15 minutes, then brush. Hopefully this helps anybody who has acid attacks on their teeth with acid reflux. I know that’s a difficult disease.

If you have any questions about this or would like to know more about acid reflux, definitely give us a call here at Kantor Dental Group. Located in San Rafael, California. And please subscribe, thank you.

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