Invisalign: The Clear Braces Solution For San Rafael, CA

Hello. I’m Dr. Grey Kantor, here at Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Today, I want to talk about Invisalign. Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth. We mostly do adult patients here for Invisalign. The way it works is they’re clear retainers that no one can see while you straighten your teeth. It’s a way to get around braces, they’re perfectly clear. Let’s take a look.

What happens is we take an impression of your teeth, we send it to a lab. The lab comes back and makes us many of these trays. These trays are clear. We can’t see them. See, when I put them on the teeth, they’re basically invisible. You take these in and out every time you eat, three times a day. You have to leave them in for 22 hours a day, leaving two hours for meals to take them in and out. You got to a restaurant, maybe go to the bathroom real quick, take them out and come back and no one will know that you just took out your Invisalign. Sometimes for rotated teeth or teeth that need a little more movement, we have what’s called attachments. These attachments are these little bumps you see on the teeth. They’re clear or tooth colored, so no one will see them unless they see it from a side view. Other than that, it’s an invisible way to straighten your teeth.

The way it works is we get many little packages like this, anywhere from 5 to 40 or more actually, and we get each of these packages and we give you 3 at a time. Each tray is used for two weeks. Inside tis package is two trays for top and bottom. You use these trays for two weeks at a time. If you imagine, if you have 5 trays, you can do 5 times 2 weeks is a little over a month, while if you have 40 trays, you’re looking at a couple of years. It depends on the situation about how many trays you’ll need. If it’s under 10 trays or under, we offer an express treatment which is cheaper. But if you need the comprehensive treatment and would like to straighten your teeth, then it’ll be generally around a year at least to get the comprehensive treatment. You do have to take the Invisalign out every time you want to eat or even drink something other than water. The reason why is anything else will get caught up underneath there and just be all over your teeth and isn’t healthy.

If you’d like to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you’re straightening your teeth, give us a call here at Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. Thank you.

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