Teeth Cleaning With Laser

Hello. Today I want to talk about lasers. I’m Dr. Greg Kantor here at Kantor Dental Group, aesthetic dentistry and implants allergy. Today I’m here with Gina Kapriellian otherwise known as @gcapri. She’s our hygienist here she’s excellent gentle and knows a lot about lasers.

The reason lasers are good with your teeth cleaning is it disinfects the gums and helps the gums grow back if they’ve had some bone loss. What we’re talking about here is, your dentist ever told you that you’ve had periodontal disease? That you’ve had gingivitis? These are reasons to disinfect your gums.

So, inflammation is a lot of times chronic. It’s going on because you have a lot of plaque and bacteria buildup. So, to remove that effectively it’s also embedded inside the gum tissue layer. So, the laser helps clean out the affected gum layers by different processes where we attract the pigment in the bad bacteria and remove that as well as all the infected gum tissue. So, it gives you a fresh start and it also promotes healing of the regeneration of the cells to promote fibrous connections back to the teeth. So you get more of a shrinkage in the pocket and less inflammation because you’re moving what’s causing that, going on at the gum level. So, it’s more of a thorough cleaning process than just a game of debridement off of the wound.

I like that the fresh start. Yeah. So, next time you go to your dentist and they say 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 5, 6 even. Maybe a 7. These are good times, even some 4’s, these are good times to get laser treatment. Really disinfect that area.

So, even in the 4-millimeter pockets, if you have some bleeding going on, there’s active infection. So, using the laser can help reduce that and help firm up the gums and promote health and rebuild the structure as well. So, I think it’s useful in any case that you get bleeding. It’s always an active state of inflammation that can be resolved with laser use as well.

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