Top 6 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that grow into our mouths, and they typically start to erupt in the late teens and early twenties.

Although they are a natural part of our mouths, wisdom teeth can often cause serious oral health complications if there is not enough room for them to grow in properly.

They may fail to emerge completely, shift other teeth in your mouth, or even cause damage to the surrounding teeth. For these reasons, about 85% of adults have their wisdom teeth removed.

But how do you know when your wisdom teeth need to come out? Find out with these top 5 signs below!

1. Pain And Irritation Around The Rear Of Your Mouth

If your wisdom teeth are growing in properly, you won’t feel any significant pain or discomfort near the rear of your mouth. If you do, this could be a sign that your wisdom teeth are coming in improperly, or are becoming infected – and you should have them pulled right away.

2. Gum Inflammation

When the wisdom teeth come in, a condition called “pericoronitis” can occur, where a small flap of gum tissue traps food particles and bacteria, causing inflammation and discomfort. If you notice that your gums are inflamed, bleeding, or painful near your wisdom teeth, you may be suffering from gum inflammation, and you may need oral surgery. See a dentist right away!

3. Teeth Shifting In Mouth

Your teeth may shift when your wisdom teeth start to come in, which can ruin orthodontic work. If you start to notice any kind of change in your bite or tooth straightness, you should probably have your wisdom teeth removed right away.

4. Wisdom Teeth Are Not Growing In Properly

If you look at your own wisdom teeth, and you see that they are growing in crookedly or sideways, or that they have not “erupted” all the way past the gums, they are likely not going to grow into your mouth properly, and will require removal.

5. Sinus Problems

The upper wisdom teeth can actually cause serious sinus issues when they grow in. As the teeth grow in and the roots begin developing, they can put pressure on the sinuses, causing headaches, sinus pressure and pain, and congestion. Though this is rare, it should be addressed right away.

6. Continual Cavities

Wisdom teeth are simply hard to clean.  They are very far back in your mouth and many times your bone structure gets in the way of proper hygiene.  Teeth that don’t get cleaned will continue to get cavities which will result in more cost and more visits to the dentist. If your dentist or hygienist find a cavity and notice a lot of plaque on your wisdom teeth, it may be time to remove your wisdom teeth.

Know If Your Wisdom Teeth Are Healthy – Or If They Should Come Out!

If they grow in properly and you have space for them, you can keep your wisdom teeth for the rest of your life. But if these above signs are familiar to you, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist right away, to safeguard your oral health, and ensure your teeth and gums are not harmed by wisdom teeth that may be growing in improperly. Come talk to us at Kantor Dental to find out how what we suggest will be the safest course of action for you.