What Causes Adult Tooth Loss?

Well, we’re all going to have to get dentures eventually, right? Surprise, you don’t have to! For the past few decades, dental science has actively and successfully promoted the idea of teeth for life. As with many health considerations, the greatest challenge is all about education. If you know what causes adults to lose their teeth, then you have the opportunity to keep it from happening!

These five points about adult tooth loss will help you keep your teeth well into your twilight years.

1. Regular Check Ups
Let’s get right to it. Putting off dental treatment can and does lead to tooth loss. Even with a proper oral hygiene regimen, regular check ups with your dentist are a vital strategy for keeping your teeth. The reality is that you just can’t properly clean every part of your teeth that will keep them healthy and strong. Your dentist or hygienist can clean those impossible locations and keep your teeth and the connecting tissue in top shape.

2. Good Oral Hygiene
The primary reasons for tooth loss are tooth decay and gum disease. The tissues around the tooth begin to recede and eventually can no longer hold the tooth in place. Brushing twice per day, and flossing once per day, is the prescribed recipe for successfully keeping your teeth. Make it a habit and stick with it!

3. Dietary Habits
Can you just hear your mother now? “You keep eating that and you’re gonna rot your teeth out.” Turns out Mom is right again. Too much candy, gum, or other sugar-loaded treats contribute to tooth decay in a big way. That sugar wraps itself around the tooth and wears away at the enamel. Do yourself a favor and eat some fruit. You know it will benefit you more than just keeping your teeth.

4. Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
Studies have shown consistently that smoking cigarettes and using chewing tobacco products both contribute to gum disease which, in turn, leads to tooth loss. This shouldn’t be a secret by now. Clearly it’s not an easy thing to stop, but it really is in your best interest. Putting down the pack is a great way to increase your chances of chewing in your senior years.

5. Grinding Your Teeth
Grinding your teeth might sound like an innocent little problem, but it really can be quite damaging. Your teeth are literally grinding away at each other. You can eventually break down your enamel and open the tooth up to decay. If you’ve been told that you grind your teeth while you sleep, make an appointment with your dentist. They may be able to fit you with a simple device to keep this from happening. Better sleep, less headaches, and keep your teeth. Sounds like a good plan all around.

Keeping your teeth is not an instant-cure proposition, it’s a long term commitment. It’s a lifestyle. Have a great maintenance program, drop a couple of bad habits, be proactive, and you’ll get to keep smiling that bright toothy smile!