What Causes Tooth Pain?

Hi. I’m Dr. Grey Kantor with Kantor Dental Group here in San Rafael, California, aesthetic dentistry and implantology.

Today, I want to talk about tooth pain. Tooth pain can be really, really terrible. They actually consider it one of the worst pains. That and child labor, and a femoral break, breaking your femur. These are the top three pains that a human can feel. So, it’s no joke. And if you’re feeling tooth pain, obviously, at least, I think it’s obvious, you should see a dentist right away.

What causes tooth pain? There’s kind of three things that can cause tooth pain, all of which have to do with the nerve inside the tooth. The first can be a really deep cavity, deep decay can reach the nerve, causing it to become inflamed and very, very sensitive. On that same note, if you let that go and it becomes infected, then a tooth abscess can cause that same severe pain.

And then finally, breaking a tooth, breaking it to where the nerve is involved, you break it far enough down or up the tooth, that the nerve’s exposed, that can also be very painful.

If you are feeling tooth pain, again, come see a dentist. We’re always available even to answer some questions, we have an emergency line. We’re here at Kantor Dental Group in San Rafael, California. If you’re watching this on YouTube, please subscribe. Thank you.