What Is Dental Laser Treatment?

Hello. Today I want to talk about lasers. I’m Dr. Grey Kantor here at Kantor Dental Group, aesthetic dentistry and implantology. Today I’m here with Gina Kaprielian and otherwise known as @gcapri. She’s our hygienist here, she’s excellent, gentle and knows a lot about lasers.

So, what is the experience like when you get a laser treatment?

It’s great because, it’s essentially painless. You go in through the gums and you feel like a warm sensation. But if you feel like you might have more sensitive gums we can totally numb you up. It makes it so you don’t feel anything. We just have you are some cool glasses. And just sit back relax and get refreshed.

Well what does the device look like?

It’s a neat little device. It’s very small so you hardly feel anything going in. And it just goes slightly underneath your gums. It’s this tiny tip that goes through and emits the beam to attract the best pigment, cleans up your gums with it.

And there’s also the studies that I that I just read in California Dental Journal that healthy gums can reduce Alzheimer’s, right. Reduce neurodegenerative diseases has been shown or at least connected to a reduction in neurodegenerative diseases. That’s a big deal. None of us want to have Alzheimer’s.

So, getting rid of all the bad bacteria in the mouth is going to make it so that the rest of your body is healthy as well. Because everything kind of starts in your mouth and it can go past that. So, we want to make sure we stop it in its tracks and so we don’t get any systemic, overall body issues. This way you get inflammation down in your mouth and everywhere else as well.

That’s where everything goes first. Yeah. Thanks very much.

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